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We focus on providing family experiences with custom coaching style judging by certified, seasoned judges.


Maximum Cheer and Dance provides events for the children, youth and adults of our communities to come together to enjoy a fun, fair, family centered environment for competition. We are coaches, judges, parents and cheerleaders who know the experiences your families want in an event.
We have events scattered throughout the east coast so, we make finding a great event at a great price within easy travel distance!

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We have a few styles of events, check to see which matches your interests.

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We operate on rules provided from MaXout. They are very similar to the industry standard, other than we allow a few extra things (like toe touch baskets in level 2).
We STRONGLY encourage each section of your routine to be reviewed by our legality team to ensure you’re good to go on competition day.

We strive to make sure you don’t have to do any changes to your routine to compete with us. Our scoring grids and rubrics can be found by clicking below.

Membership & A bit about us

We know any added fees may prevent your growth, so our customers do not need any kind of membership to compete with us. No USASF, Recreation affiliation, or otherwise.

Maximum Cheer and Dance was created to provide the personal “touch” back to competitions. You’ll know the difference.

We have a different style of events. Kick off your season with us and start with giving back to the community with food drives and blanket/coat drive events. Even a one of a kind competition with routine review featuring some of the top choreographers in the world.


We want to provide options for your year-end events. To that, we offer varying bids.

Whether you want to finish your event at Universal in Orlando with Allstar Worlds, one of the regional events with The Open, Florida Finals in Orlando, or a hosted event with MaXout Lanakila we have options.

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