Summer Is Upon Us!

We are excited to be sending out our first industry insider newsletter; Cheerleading Today – A Maximum View! It is our hope that this newsletter provides a direct, clear, and non-biased resource for gym owners, coaches, and other industry professionals. This initial send went out to to a select few but, we would love to have you forward it to a friend (or 20) and encourage them to sign up for the newsletter themselves. 


This issue will go over

  • A full EP listing of events by date, region, and location.

  • A review of the scoring systems in the industry. 

  • A list of which EPs have selected which scoring systems to use. 

  • A summer conference list.

  • A virtual training resource guide.

With more and more opportunity for your athletes to compete it can become hard to sort through it all. We have built an inclusive list, organized by region and date. While we are working to keep the list up to date – we cannot guarantee that changes have not been made by individual businesses. If you see something that would work for your schedule – we recommend reaching out to the EP directly. 

Below you will find two lists representing the main two scoring systems at this time, The Open Championship Series and The United Scoring System. We have worked to bring you a list of which EPs will actively follow which scoring systems for the 2023-2024 season, as well as direct links to the scoring systems so you can find their rubrics, level appropriate documents, and score sheets. We also want to acknowledge the addition of the USASF Scoring System, but have only found one EP who has declared to follow this system (The Spirit Network)


The following programs offer their own unique scoring system that doesn’t directly align with either of the major systems: Spirit BrandsGlobal Cheer and DanceFun! Cheer and Diamond Cheer & Dance.

Summer Conference Calendar 

Summer Conference Calendar 

Our industry has some incredible summer conferences catered for gym owners and coaches. The more knowledge we can share, and the more professionals we can build up – the better we can serve our athletes for seasons to come! If you’re not actively researching new ways to train yourself and your staff, we highly recommend it! 

If you’re unable to travel to a conference or are looking for a more ongoing training resource for your gym, the industry also has some incredible virtual subscriptions! A few of our favorites include:

  • Forte Spirit Solutions – Choose from continuous learning with Skills School for $99/month for your entire staff, or from any of our a la carte options! These range from level 1/2 stunt and tumble to basket tosses, and much more!

  • Cheer Conditioning Academy – Membership is open to everyone: whether you are a cheerleader, a coach, parent, looking for a fun workout or if you want learn the basics of cheerleading. We have video, image and article content for all ages, levels and backgrounds. 

  • Cheer Coaching Academy – Helping coaches create a safe and positive environment for their athletes on and off the mat with online courses that are 100% online. Use code MAX15 for 15% off as well.

Stay tuned for upcoming issues as we continue to provide factual details and updates from the industry! We would love to know what details you're interested in as well as a quick survey about your tryouts! We would love to continue to celebrate and help grow with you!   

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