We focus on providing family experiences with custom coaching style judging by certified, seasoned judges.

Our Story

Maximum Cheer and Dance was founded as an Independent Event Producer (IEP) in January of 2017 with two events in two states that season. Since then, Maximum has grown to offer events in 27 states with customers from more than 40 different states and provinces. Our purpose in the industry is to create quality events where all programs and athletes belong. Every day and every decision made at Maximum focuses on putting that purpose above all else, including revenue. We learn our coaches names, we encourage and ask for feedback of how we can better serve your gym, and we value the personal connection we have with your staff, athletes, and fans who help us continue to grow. Maximum brands continuously focus on making our customers feel valued, running on-time events, and creating an experience for everyone attending. Our entire staff is dedicated to positively impacting the allstar cheerleading industry, and helping to grow viable and successful independent options for gym owners and athletes. 

Our Competition Brands

Maximum is our flagship brand. We built our business on classic and national events that showcase skill and athleticsim over all else.  We take pride in our inclusive atmosphere, friendly staff, and confidence-boosting performance setup that will showcase all the hard work and dedication of your program. Our classics are affordable, elevated, and most of all – fun for everyone. We shake things up a bit with our Madness events, which incorporate world class choreographers to give back and enhance your routines. While classic events are single performance based, while our national events will operate on a two day schedule!

MaXout is a partnership brand – working in the industry to redesign our industry. MaXout Masquarade events have teams compete in matching, provided black practice sets from Fly Cheer Gear and eight-count tracks from CheerSounds, to be judged solely on their skill. These events include a college recruitment element as well. MaXout Kaua events are traditional two-day competitions with a Hawaiian theme. Our season wraps up with our Hawaiian Luau Nationals – MaXout Lanakila. 

The Allstar Showdown brand offers two-day events that are well loved within the industry. These events include stage production, athlete gifts, and a coaches room with catering and a bar. We take pride in our championship prizes and banners for the winners at our Showdown events. 

Our Team


When she is not working, Britnee loves working out, spending time with her kiddos and going to concerts and sporting events!


When she’s not working, Chelsie enjoys exploring, trying new recipes, spending time with her husband and three young kids. 


When she’s not working, Erin loves to spend time with her husband and son. You can find her with coffee in the morning, and coke zero in the evening. Either reading a new book, binging a new show, or exploring outside. 


When he’s not working, Justin loves to spend time with his wife and daughter – exploring libraries, museums or having movie nights.


When she’s not working, Karly enjoys going and doing. She likes spending time with her husband, family and friends, watching her baby boy develop, learn and explore the world, baking new and challenging things, and visiting the local winery.


When she’s not working, Lauren loves to go hiking with her dogs and fiancé, going to visit friends, and going on unique adventures wherever she can find them.


When she’s not working, Sarah enjoys reading, trying new restaurants, & spending time in the sunshine!


When she’s not working, Schyler loves going on spontaneous adventures, Saturday Georgia football, re-watching criminal minds for the 100th time, and having Sunday dinners with her family.

Pete Graham


Outside of work Pete enjoys building and fixing things around the house, Spending time with his wonderful, amazing, beautiful wife, and once a year participating in The Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade.

Ryan Batchelor


When he’s not working, Ryan loves to travel. Eating and drinking their way through new places with his family while learning about new cultures and creating lasting memories with those experiences.

Ryan is currently serving as Chairperson for the Cheer and Dance Industry Professionals (CDIP)

The Maximum Difference


The one-team gyms are just as valuable to us as the mega-gyms.

Quality Prizes

Our champions take home rings, jackets, towels, and more!

Catered Coaches Room

Our coaches rooms often have full catering, including a bar!

Qualified Judges

Maximum builds consistency and quality on the stand through exclusive training and well compensated judges. 


Our events provide clear communication, including initial schedules and more 30 days out from events!


From production, to performances, and award ceremonies – we aim to always create a full experience.

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