Allstar Showdown

Our Allstar Showdown Series is new this season, with traditional two-day events, stage production, athlete gifts and a catered coaches room.

All About Allstar Showdown

The Allstar Showdown brand offers two-day events that are well loved within the industry. These events include stage production, athlete gifts, and a coaches room with catering and a bar. We take pride in our championship prizes and banners for the winners at our Showdown events. 

Our Unique Advantages

Our events provide clear communication, including initial schedules and more 30 days out from events! Our staff prides themselves on responding to all coaches inquiries within 24-hours. 

The one-team gyms are just as valuable to us as the mega-gyms. Maximum believes that everyone deserves to be seen, heard, and respected. We pride ourselves on an inclusive environment. 

Allstar Showdown events offer a unique experience, with a one of a kind dueling pianos style emcee that elevates the expereince for the program, the athlete, and your fans!