Frequently Asked Questions

We know you’ll have questions – we created this space to help you prepare and navigate for your Maximum event! 

Coaches FAQ

How do I register my teams?

Click here to register your teams!

What is the pricing for your events?

 Email sales@maximumcheeranddance.com for a full price breakdown! We only provide pricing for program directors and we don’t post pricing publicly.

What is the bid award policy for Allstar World Championships?

Maximum Cheer and Dance (which includes all Maximum, MaXout, and Allstar Showdown events) is planning to award paid bids at most of our events during the 2023-2024 season. To ensure we continue to provide the level of service and experience that our customers are accustomed to, if an event has fewer than 60 teams registered 14 days prior to the event, we, Maximum Cheer and Dance, have to have the right to change the TYPE and NUMBER of bids being awarded to that event.

Which teams compete on both days of a traditional 2-day event?

For traditional 2-day events, all teams compete on both days for 2-day events except for novice teams. We also have single performance 2-day events where divisions are split between 2 days.

What is the difference between Recreation and Youth League?

Recreation is for non-affiliated teams.  There are 2 categories:

  • Performance Recreation follows the Open Series rules and the Open Series elite rubric.
  • Traditional Recreation follows YCADA rules and the Open Series prep rubric.
  • Youth League is for affiliated teams, such as Pop Warner and AYC.  They follow YCADA rules, rubrics, and age groups.

    What rules and rubrics do your Allstar teams follow?

    Allstar teams follow The Open Championship Series rules and rubrics with the exception of coed.  Coed teams will follow the same elite rubric as the all girl teams.

    Will the judges be on-site or virtual?

    We will be using a combination of both, virtual and in-person judges, at our events.

    Why do you use virtual judges?

    Virtual judging is still done as the performance happens (“live”). The luxury is that now they have a front-row view (instead of 60 feet, or more, from the performance floor) with pause, zoom in, rewind, etc to ensure the most reliable scoring. In addition, allowing the judges to be virtual ensures our events have consistent, high-caliber judges (despite any travel limitations/mishaps or family time restrictions). Many of the best judges in the industry have families and/or full-time jobs, by allowing judging virtually, we are able to utilize those judges more often. With in-person judging, they would have to be willing/able to give up a few weekends away from their families or take a day or two off work. In most cases, they have to leave on Friday and would return home on Sunday or Monday. In the case of virtual judging, they are only away from their family time for the duration of the event and aren’t taking days off work. We do require all our judges to be trained, certified, and committed to continuing their judging education in order to be a part of a Maximum, MaXout, or Allstar Showdown events. Each week prior to an event we have a judging call with our scoring director and all the judges for that weekend’s event(s) where any changes are communicated and we address anything else needed to be covered.

    How are scoring challenges handled?

    Your scoring challenges, when needed, are submitted onsite to a live person. We don’t charge any fees to review challenges. You will have a 15-minute window from when scoresheets are sent out to submit any scoring challenges. The forms will be submitted in warm-ups so that if you do have another team going into, or already in, warm-ups when the score sheets are sent you are still able to easily submit that challenge. At all events, we schedule a coaches liaison (accuscore) person onsite. Travel, sickness, etc may prevent this at some events but when it does we will be doing phone calls and video calls as a backup measure for those discussions to make sure you are heard.

    What happens if a challenge has not been resolved before awards?

    If there are any challenges that are still “in process” prior to an award session that may affect the placement of that award session, that award session will be delayed. In cases that it will not affect placement, we will often present those awards while continuing the challenge clarification. Just like submitting a legality video for approval, you may not always agree with the decision but we will make sure that you are heard. Once the decision has been made by the scoring director for that event, it will be the final decision. We are willing to have further discussion on your concerns, but that may happen after the event concludes.

    Spectator FAQ

    What security measures do you take?

    The safety of our athletes, their families, coaches, and our staff is of the utmost importance to us at Maximum. All events will have security measures at the spectator entrance (typically) including metal detectors, bag checks, and/or wanding. In addition, we will have a picture/badge system that only allows approved people into the warm-up area.

    What is rotational viewing?

    For our events we like to give our spectators an elevated experience! Where possible, our VIP rotational viewing is on a stage and is reserved for family, friends, and supporters of athletes on the team coming to the main performance floor.. Once that team if finished performing, those VIP supporters will rotate off the stage, so that the next group of spectators may enter and cheer on their team.

    Are children free to enter the event?

    Children under the age of 3 are free to enter our events! 

    Will there be vendors?

    All events will offer an event tee and most events will offer additional vendors such as photography, cheer jewelry, and more!

    Are you interested in being a vendor? Email us at vendor@maximumcheeranddance.com