The question we get often is how are we splitting D1/D2. The reality is that we are not USASF and do not have the same constructs that they do. We do offer division of teams based on sizes of programs. We have created our Orange and Purple classification of programs. By default, all teams and programs are classified as Purple. A program may apply for their Elite teams to be considered Orange. We only offer Orange division to Allstar Elite. What this means is: once we get to 7 teams in an allstar elite division (Elite – junior level 2 for instance), we will split when there are enough orange teams to have a minimum of 2 placements on each side of the split. I.e. 5 purple teams and 2 orange teams in Allstar Elite Junior Level 2. Each event is ran independently, so some events may have a split and some may not depending on the number of teams in that particular division. Our decision is made by program’s location specifically. This means that we would consider franchise locations as independent gyms, not part of a larger network of gyms when it comes to the orange application.
Split determinations will be made on the day of the event prior to awards to allow for any schedule changes

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