Our Brands

Providing quality events throughout the US with a blend of both traditional competitions and unique formats to offer new competitive options.

Our Brand Story

Maximum Cheer and Dance was founded in January of 2017 with two events in two states that season. Since then, Maximum has grown to offer events in 13 states with customers from more than 34 different states and provinces. Our purpose in the industry is to create quality events where all programs and athletes feel like they belong. As we have grown, we have developed three unique brands to represent the best opportunities in our industry; both with traditional events and new perspectives on competitive cheerleading and dance. 

Our Competition Brands

Our flagship brand was built on events that showcase skill and athleticsim over all else.

MaXout is a partnership brand – working in the industry to redesign our industry. 

The Allstar Showdown brand offers two-day events that are well loved within the industry.

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